10 Sept 14 PM – Ship Sprints, Kettlebells and C&Js. Feeling it now!

4pm, on the vehicle deck (vehicles off this time), 25C ‘warmth’ and time for some Hang Clean & Jerks.

I don’t have access to Beyond the Whiteboard here and so have no idea what my previous bests are, having to just work as hard as I can and hope for the best.

Between 3 of us (Paul, Matt and myself), we started at 40kg and worked rounds of 5 reps, Hang Clean & Jerks.

40, 50, 60, 65, 70kg. I know full well I could (and should) have pushed for 72.5kg, perhaps even 75kg but was happy with the form. The Outlaw CF WOD did specific ‘perfect’ form and that’s where I left it. Hip extension (posterior chain engagement) is really coming along and I’m feeling the jump from the low hang position; the bar path remains straight and true and the catch is solid. The Jerk is the relatively easy bit and I’m always confident that whatever I can clean, I can jerk.

30mins later, Matt and I headed out on to the upper deck for the next phase:


400m Sprint

12 x KB Swing w/ 24kg

1min Rest

The flight deck was out of bounds and so we had to amend our route. I suspect it was closer to 300m but regardless, we gave it our all. Matt ended up finishing in 10:02 with a 20kg KB while I trailed him by 7 secs with 10:09 and a 24kg KB. Post-WODs, I do try to recall about my efforts and “could I have tried harder”. My only gauge is that I was flat out on the floor at the end, unable to walk about; it wasn’t for long and I was up and moving shortly after but I was spent.

I don’t have any easy-access protein on board and I am definitely feeling it post-WOD. There isn’t the recovery there that I have been accustomed to although I try to make up for it by snaffling boiled eggs from breakfast as well as getting a handful of nuts if I can. I would love to get milk but it’s like rocking horse shit to get out of meal times. Still, quantity of food at meal times is not really an issue and despite troughing large plate loads, I know the fat is falling away nicely and the muscle is building where it should.

That said, I had a physio appointment today because I have muscular pains in my erectus spinae, both sides, halfway down. It isn’t acute or ‘sharp’ but is more of an extreme ache if I sit in the wrong position. The verdict is that they have become a bit ‘over developed’ and I wonder if it’s because of the extra work I have been doing ‘overhead’ to try and free the thoracic up. She believes this may be the case. Next week, if it hasn’t relieved after some rest (!!!!!!) it’ll be acupuncture.

All in all, things are progressing well. I don’t have access to any equipment or conditions that would serve as a benchmark. It’s either too damned hot and humid for something like Grace or there isn’t the facility to do a Fran (or any other) to compare to current scores. I am taking it on good faith that I am not overworking too much and am progressing along with the programme; I guess we shall see on my return.


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