10 Sept 14 AM – Deadlifts and Rowing

First time I have deadlifted a bar in too long (2 months?) and it showed. Form is EVERYTHING with the deadlift and I had to fight to keep it all the way through.

For Time:

21 x Deadlift (80kg Bodyweight)
Row 250m
18 x DL
15 x DL
12 x DL

Time: 9min 47secs
Matt: 10min 44secs

On the face of it, this doesn’t appear to be a good time. However, imagine you’re in a carpark and ALL of the cars are moving at the same time. The fumes from that are not really escaping and you are trying to breathe as hard as you ever have. That’s what this morning was like. If, one day, I am diagnosed with lung disease of some kind then I will recall this moment of my own stupidity for training.

The DLs were hard fought. First round unbroken and then each other round broken in to thirds with a quick break in between. RX for the CrossFit Mainsite WOD should have been 100kg but having not done them for so long, I knew scaling was in order. The Rows should also have been 400m Runs but we don’t have that luxury aboard this vessel and I think the Ergo gives us that added extra too.

On the determination and motivation front, I lacked genuine motivation but dug deep anyway, not allowing pauses of significance and pushing myself between the two movements quickly. I’m not sure I went out on the rowers at 100%, perhaps 90%, as my 500m split times would have been 1:47 whereas I would have hoped for around 1:42. Still, the fumes really didn’t help and perhaps I shouldn’t berate myself too much.

More and more people aboard here are now claiming every day to “do CrossFit” and it’s starting to wind me up. Watching terrible form, half-arsed attempts at movements and lack of any programming is pissing me off. I wouldn’t mind if they just admitted that what they were doing was “circuits” but to hear them bleat on every day about it is driving me nuts. I have attempted to offer coaching and guidance to some, especially those who are almost certainly going to severely injure themselves, but most don’t want to hear it. There is this ridiculous perception among most military members that they know what they are doing simply by virtue of being military somehow. It’s insane and I can see how CrossFit gets such a bad name – people picking random “CrossFit Workouts” (no such thing) on a daily basis, performing the movements excrutiatingly and irritatingly badly, and then lauding it up as they purport to be “CrossFitters”. Still, it has prompted me to get off my arse and book my next course. I’m looking for a CrossFit Mobility course in the UK ASAP.

This afternoon will be more rowing (instead of running) and Kettlebell Swings, as per the Outlaw CF programme, and Hang Clean & Jerks. I’m looking forward to that one!! 😀


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