09 Sept 14 – Snatching in the Afternoon

Well that wasn’t exactly a tough session; very disappointing. With only 30 mins to get anything done this afternoon, I raced to the gym, began sweating as soon as I opened the door, cracked a Burgener Warm Up, some Skills Transition Exercises and then got straight in to:

15mins to a 5 x 1 Hang Snatch.

Weight: 55kg.

I worked up from 20kg, to 40kg, 50 and then 55, completing 10 at 20n 5 at 40 and 5 at the others. Before I knew it, I was rushing upstairs again for the next thing of the day. Given lack of Snatch practice, I was really looking forward to this one and I’m pleased with the skill-retention, to be honest. Video evidence shows some superb hip extension and all the movements in the correct sequence, I’ve just lost a little shoulder strength and some confidence under the bar. Still, that’ll come back soon enough and when it comes to the Open 15, I know that the Snatch weight will likely be 62.5kg so as long as I can keep smashing out those I shall be in a better position than CF Open 13 and 14. Of course, if there’s a Snatch ladder then I might be fooked.

I’ve not looked at tomorrow’s Outlaw WOD yet but I am very determined to put a lot more effort in than I did this morning; I need to start seeing improvements in the CV / engine capacity.

Nutrition not wholly great today; I actually ate a chocolate digestive!! I know, check me out ;o)


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