09 Sept 14 – Morning Glory

I had to give myself a kick up the arse this morning after the WOD (during would have been better) for being lazy.

10 RFT:

4 x Burpees

6 x Pull Ups

8 x KB Snatch (4 per arm) @ 20kg

Total Time: 13mins RX

Matt: 12:11 w/ 16kg KB

Rose: 14:30 w/8kg KB (and a 1min break in the middle – 8 total Rounds)

The heat down there is almost unbearable now but there isn’t any other option other than to acclimatise and drink plenty of fluids.

Big chuck up to Rose for stopping at 5 rounds, giving herself a check and then completing a further 3. Form was excellent and there’s real improvement across the movements.

As for Matt – smashed me this morning, well done!!

Sleep last night was greatly reduced due to exercises aboard the ship and loud messages being hailed. Lack of sleep, increased heat and generally being pissed off because my washing hasn’t come back for 3 days and it all adds up to me being slightly below par. Once the shop opens and I can get some washing liquid, more jerky and (if I’m feeling like treating myself) a Red Bull, I’ll be right as rain again.

This afternoon will be Hang Snatches and a 10min AMRAP that I might change slightly after this morning’s 13-min madness.


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