Sunday 07 Sept 14 AM – 3RFT Rowing, Lunges and Hang Power Cleans

It is only by reading back through these logs that I realise I have been working out for 4 days straight already. Tomorrow will be a rest day. It is very easy to forget what day it is out here; all days roll in to one in a Groundhog Day style. However, luckily I am maintaining this log and I am prompted to take a day off tomorrow.

This morning’s AM WOD was:

3 Rounds For Time:

Row 250m

25 x Lunge (Weighted) @ 10kg / 5kg

25 x Hang Power Clean @ 30kg / 20kg

Me: 10:33 RX

Matt: 10:37 RX

Rose: 14:37 Scaled (no weight on lunges, reduced weight on HP Cleans during round 2)

There was some wasted time due to messing with the stopwatch after the first round of Rowing but apart from that it was pretty constant throughout. Matt edged me on the rows and I would catch up each time on the lunges and then the HP Cleans; I went unbroken on first round then broke HP Cleans in to 15,5,5 on rounds 2 and 3 but literally with only a single breath in those breaks. Rose put in a phenomenal effort in a movement she has never done before but she is driven towards her goals and it’s great to see; her line management spoke to me last night at dinner to say how proud they were of putting the work in and I’m pleased I can play a little part in it. However, I am not building a CrossFit gym here and am not spending the amount of time coaching that I did at Keelhaul. I am focusing on increasing my own work capacity and recovering from minor injury in order to achieve my own goals. I am happy for people to come along and I will provide enough coaching for safety but that’s it.

This afternoon’s WOD will allow me to get back out on to the flight deck with the skipping rope. I know it will get trashed up there but I will buy a new one on return; this one has done well.


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