06 Sept 14 Pt II – Snatches and Rowing

It’s not much but completing a long round of Sntach practice, culminating in a 5 x 1 Hang Power Snatch of 55kg was a big triumph for me this evening.

Having not ‘Snatched’ for over 6 weeks, I am well aware that my strength has suffered quite considerably and will take a while to get back up. However, starting from scratch is not always a bad thing and it made me focus on form, especially as I was coaching Matt at the same time. Breaking it down and getting each component wire tight was a success in itself and I will be getting back in to Burgener Warm Ups as a matter of routine once more.

We threw in some overhead squats with 40kg to really work the thoracic spine and bottom position too; really pleased with the development here (although the shoes did help!)

After this we culminated in a round of Rowing:

4 x 500m w/ 2min Rest each time.

I broke this down in to 4 rounds of 1:47 / 500m splits which is a new best for me; there’re still the odd little progressions creeping in here to keep me motivated!

Following on from yesterday’s excellent stretching session on the flight deck, we headed up there again today for some more; superb opportunity we have here and I’ll be signing up for the CrossFit Mobility course very shortly.

Nutrition going well too:

Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast

2100mg of EPD/DHA (Fish Oil)

Chicken pie (nothing else) and some crab for lunch

Small handful of almonds mid-pm

Small steak, half chicken breast, burger, hotdog and half rack of ribs for dinner (ok, it is Saturday!)

I’ll top this off with a beer tonight but hey, “100% Paleo, 80% of the Time” ™


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