06 Sept 14 – It’s a Saturday, apparently

The days roll in to one on here; I didn’t even know it was Saturday until someone told me this morning.

Following yesterday’s blog, it was my intent to get some snatches done, followed by 4 x 500m Rowing. Instead, on the advice of the physio I spent 60 mins concentrating on mobility. Out on the flight deck stretching, performing relatively basic yoga moves and really working in those hard to reach places. It was perfect, almost complete silence and a beautiful view of endless blue. However, the deck was hot enough to burn and this made some of the moves slightly difficult where I couldn’t put my hands on the floor; all easily overcome though and I’m sure I will reap the benefits.

Perhaps I realised those benefits this morning:

Tabata Squats

Total: 150 (new PR +4)

After a thorough warm up (quite easy in a gym currently registering in the ‘melting form the moment you open the door’ area of the thermometer), we worked on the Clean, covering Hang Power Cleans as a basic introduction. Then, after the long workouts of recent days, we got straight in to the Tabata. From a personal point of view I was very pleased; full depth at the bottom and full extension at the top. The first 4 rounds were of 20 each, followed by 18, 18, 17, 17. This is a 4 rep improvement overall.

I will get another session in this afternoon, the one that I didn’t do yesterday afternoon. I really want to start working on Snatch again although I am very aware that the ability to lift weight has reduced significantly. If I can throw up 50kg safely then I’ll be happy.


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