05 Sept 14 AM – Running, Rowing, Goblets and Push Presses

Well I got my arse well and truly handed to me this morning both by the workout and by Matt.

Late last night, I realised I had not collected the WOD for today and so I quickly threw something together.

For Time:

Run 1000m

50 x Goblet Squats (20kg)

Row 500m

50 x Push Press (40kg)

Row 500m (it would have been back to the treadmill for 1000m but they were all taken)

Total Time: 16:11

Matt’s Time: 14:26

We began with 2 rounds of 20s work / 10s rest, covering push ups, lunges, squats, sit ups. Following this, same routine but with back extensions, dead hang, plate overhead press (10kg) and ground-to-stand. Using a bar, we then completed a round of 10 Pass Thrus and some twists; I am beginning to feel it in the elbow again although I’m unconvinced it really is ‘all in the back’.

Keeping the treadmill at 15kph, the run was pretty tough in the heat and from the DOMs created by the run up the Rock the other day. However, Matt took a great lead here. Straight in to the Goblet Squats, Matt could only find a 16kg Kettlebell but to be fair he flew threw the round at a good pace and with good form. I tried to catch up on the rower but he was off by the time I had just passed 250m. The Push Presses were broken in to 10s throughout. Given that is was under Fran-weight, I am a little concerned but it highlights the issues I’ve been having recently and lack of time under the bar. By the time I was headed back to the treadmill, I was blowing. To see Matt then sat on the rower again due to lack of treadmills……I could have cried. Still, we quickly decided to stick to 500m and sprint instead of drag out a 1000m. I maintained a 1:47 split for that one and was pleased to finish on a high.

Breakfast followed: 2 x Bacon, 3 x Boiled Eggs. This is typical now.

Fish Oil: 2100mg EPA/DHA

Physio on elbow has been cancelled today due to conflictions but I will be booking back in as soon as I can to ensure I build up strength in the elbow and improve mobility in the thoracic spine area.

More to follow for this evening’s WOD.


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