03 Sept 14 – The Rock Run

Welcome to a whole new month!

As autumn begins, I find myself floating around the world’s oceans and seas, trying to fit CrossFit in to my daily life and work towards achieving my goal of finishing CF Open 15 in the top 25%.

The first week aboard has enabled me to get in 2 quality sessions per day for the most part and we had a well-deserved break and some downtime yesterday.

After a few beers the night before, we were warned off that we had to be up early to run up the steep and seemingly never-ending Rock of Gibraltar – 426m. The distance itself was only about 2.5 miles (3.8km) or so but it was expected to take approx 25mins.

I slept through my alarm. I awoke 20mins late (worse for wear) and, not knowing my way, took several wrong turns and detours before finally seeing faces that I knew coming down from the top. My deviations manifested in a total of 5.4km of running, including cross-country dirt tracks, and a total drain on any energy in my legs as I arrived at the top cable car station in a time of 39mins. By then, everyone had gone and I was definitely straggling. Looking down, the sun was coming up over the Mediterranean Sea and it was pretty spectacular. The Barbary Maqaques were waking and beginning to call out so I headed downhill once more.

Finishing after a total run of approx 8km, I felt really pleased to have dragged my arse out of bed to play catch-up with people 20mins ahead of me. It was spectacular but also very pleasing from my point of view to be able to maintain a good pace on a continuously uphill route.


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