01 Sept 14 – Lifting Supplemental

After a week of physio and acupuncture, my elbow held up very well to Hang Cleans last night.

The WOD was For Time:

Row 30 Cals

30 x Burpee over Bar

30 x Hang Clean (45kg)

Time: 9:17

Sure, it was a slow time but I will caveat with the fact that where we are now is slightly warmer than where we were. The gym is in the bowels of the ship and is getting hot. The floor is painted metal and was extremely slippery. While the row was complete in approx 1min 5secs, the burpees were quite treacherous; I was slipping on each one. When it came to the cleans, I had to stand on a yoga mat to keep some stability. They were ‘obviously’ full depth cleans which took quite a bit of time anyway but 45kg was probably a good scaling for me, regardless of injury. It was pretty hard, breaking in to 5s quite early on. I’ve definitely lost a bit of strength but I hope it’s not too long-lasting.

Still, I worked hard and am pleased that I came through unscathed. It is a rest day today with a chance for some sight-seeing. There’s a race to the top of a 426m rock tomorrow morning and I’ll probably take Thursday off too before recommencing full lifting on Friday.


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