01 Sept 14 – Deck of Cards WOD

Always a favourite “go-to” WOD, the Deck Of Cards came out first thing this morning.

Diamonds = Sit Ups

Hearts = Pull Ups

Clubs = Push Ups

Spades = Squats

Ace = 1

King = 14

Joker = 13 x Burpees

Total time: 19:05.

I think this is a new record but it’s hard to really compare with this WOD. The cards never come out in the same order and so each attempt at the WOD will affect you in different ways. Whereas previously I might have had a good spread of movements throughout the WOD, this time the pull ups came thick and fast, leaving me hanging beneath that bar extremely fatigued. Still, it was a good long WOD and I have a slightly shorter one later this evening that I should report on tomorrow morning (Rest Day).

Tonight’s will be the CrossFit.com mainsite WOD:

For Time:

30cal ROW

30 x Burpees over Bar

30 x Hang Clean (62.5kg).

I suspect I shall be scaling the weight significantly to allow for my duff elbow. It’s getting better but I don’t really want to screw it up. I think 45kg will probably suffice for this tonight.

Nutrition is going well and I have settled in to a good routine of high-protein in the mornings (bacon and boiled eggs, mostly), perhaps with some orange juice. I’ll then have a small protein snack mid-morning if I feel hungry. By lunchtime it’s a small amount of protein (beef slices or fish) with a monster amount of leafy green veg and salad. Again, small snack in the mid-pm if I fancy it and then a big dinner without potatoes, rice or wheat. It seems to be working well where I can control it. This evening, however, for whatever ungodly reason, the onboard chefs mixed rice in with the biriyani! I waited ages for it and it came with white rice stirred in to it!!! I don’t want rice, fools! Only kidding, the food here is actually pretty phenomenal but I was upset by that. Still, off to the gym shortly and I’m sure the carbs won’t harm ;o)

All the best, blogosphere.


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