31 Aug 14 – A Long Start to the Day and Heavy to Finish

Despite another poor night of sleep about this beautiful vessel, I was up at 0600 again an in the gym 10 minutes later. Met up with Matt and we got cracking on an 8 min warm up before attempting to carry out some weight squat skills work. The lateral rocking of the ship meant almost total and unsafe instability so we gave up on that one and got stuck in to:

For Time:

Row 1000m

50 x Toes To Bar

100 x Push Ups

150 x Kettlebell Swing (16kg)

Row 1000m

Time: 25:47 RX

This was epic and a really great slog. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Sure, I paced it, keeping the row to approximately 1:52 / 500m on both runs. The Toes to Bar were carried out as a 25, 15 and 10 while the KB Swings were 20s and 10s throughout. The Push Ups were a significant challenge after the Toes To Bar and something I really have to get in to properly; I tend to include them a lot more in warm ups now anyway.

The weather is heating up and so the gym down there is pretty redders; I may head out on to the flight deck tomorrow morning, we shall see.

Acupuncture went well and I now have about 90% mobility back in the elbow; a few more days and I hope to be able to get some dynamic lifts in.

After a good lunch and a long sit in front of the computer, it was back to the gym for a very swift set of:

Front Squats – 5 rnds of 3.

The swell had subsided and my scores reflect a bit of an improvement here. Starting with 3 rounds of 10 at 60kg, my scores were then:

80, 90, 90, 90, 100kg

I ‘think’ this is a PR but cannot check from here.

All in all, a good day but I need sleep else there’s no chance of keeping this up.


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