30 Aug 14 – Back online, I’m sure you didn’t miss me!

It has been a few days since my last post but have no fear, avid readers (at least 1 of you!), I have been working hard in the absence; I have just not been able to submit posts until now.

Since getting aboard, I have been attacking the gym with resolve and determination. I have been hampered by the Golfer’s Elbow problem but have an appointment today with the physio to begin to sort it out. In the meantime, I am still able to do everything that doesn’t involve gripping heavy weights. It has left a lot of opportunity open to really work on the little engine (which I like to think is getting bigger) and I have been doing that through tough little MetCons and the use of the Ergo Rower.

2 sessions a day have been possible so far and I aim to keep this going; as long as I get decent nutrition in and semi-decent sleep, things should work out fine. I am also hoping that the elbow won’t take too much work and I can be back to dynamic lifting movements shortly; I certainly do not want to be dropping behind in these!

This morning was a nice little day-breaker, following the WOD from the CrossFit.com mainsite on 29 Aug but having to modify to suit the weakness:

30-20-10 For Time:

Thrusters (24kg KB)

Row x10m (300,200,100)

Time: 5:27

The Thrusters were supposed to be 42.5kg (95#) and the Row should have been Chest to Bar Pull Ups. This wasn’t a specifically accurate substitution but certainly proved a bitch, especially the transition from Thrusters to Row.

Nutrition on board is harder than I had thought initially. Everything comes with a crust, potato (mixed in), dumplings or sauce. However, it can be done and I have reverted to no wheat products (where obvious), no potato, no rice and no pasta. I am taking in piles of cauliflower, broccoli and green vegetables to compensate.


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