24 Aug 14 – Sunday, Bodyweight and Sprints


Tidy way to finish the week.

Began with a 20/10 Warm Up (20s work, 10s rest, twice through) of Push Ups, Lunges, Sit Ups and Squats.

I then worked the shoulders and upper back. The mid lumbar region is giving me muscular pain and I truly don’t know why. I haven’t lifted and can’t think what I’ve done to cause it. I will roll it out tonight with a hockey ball. A few shoulder pass thrus, followed by some overhead squats and I was good to go.

The WOD should have had a 15min of Clean & Jerks but some practice with the 10kg told me what I already knew and I’m going to have to wait a while still because of this bloody elbow rubbish.

The first round of the MetCon was only 5mins instead of 6 as I completed 2 rounds with only 1 min to go; there was no way I could get another 400m in so I took my 1 min rest there and then. The split jumps were a killer by the end but unbroken.
The hollow rocks slowed me down, broken in to 15s, completing only 13 of the second round.
As for burpees….rhythm very good and unbroken although paced. I have to start pushing these now.

Elbow better overall….about 75%. The use of a green, thick theraband as voodoo floss is excellent and I’ll be doing it again tonight.

Despite the elbow, I’m confident about 6 weeks on ship and the progression I can make, even if it’s just 1 or 2 nothches on beyondthewhiteboard.com.


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