22 Aug 14 – Golfer’s Elbow and Burpees


Medial Epicondylitis. Golfer’s Elbow. A depressing and annoying Set Back.

As if genetically inferior ankles, acutely painful Achilles, and buggered hamstrings weren’t enough (all related), I now have Golfer’s Elbow in left arm. No weighted gripping or pulling until healed. Considering how long I’ve had it, this may take some time, exactly when I don’t want it. Remaining on the 67th Percentile is hard enough right now but stepping up to my goal of 75th and marginal respectability on this sport is looking impossible now. We shall see, however.

There are plenty of useful articles and YouTube clips out there on the subject so I will be studying them this weekend.

Not to be discouraged though, it is a perfect opportunity to practice my goats and Burpees are a great way to build that engine.

10p x Over Box Burpees @ 18″, for time: 9.54.

I kept a very good pace after the first 20, not allowing any pause at all. I just kept plugging away. The elbow was fine throughout and highlights that push movements aren’t any real issue.

One more session this week and I’ll be back up to pace with 5 per week again. Looking forward to bank holiday day off too!


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