20 Aug 14 – Happy Birthday Mum!


Yes, Happy Birthday to my Mum. I won’t say her age but I’m 35 and she is still putting in regular 18 holes of golf and out partying it up. I love it. Nicely done, Mum, many happy returns today!

My left elbow continues to give me quite severe problems and I don’t know what is causing it or how to resolve it. I let it rest for 3 weeks but immediately it has come back. I shall look in to the Physiology App on my tablet and identify the specific area before then looking at what might actually be wrong. It takes a long time each session to really get it mobile, usually by hanging one handed from ropes to stretch it out.

With that being the case, I was only able to manage a top total of 75kg for a 2RM Power Clean & Push Jerk. I would have expected 80-85kg by now but I am where I am. I couldn’t get under the bar quick enough without serious pain in the elbow and so settled for what I could manage instead.

The RX Outlaw WOD for today was well beyond me and so I scaled and am happy to have done so, especially as it allowed me to maintain an even pace throughout albeit I was left dangling by the end. The Handstand Hold is never an issue and gave me a chance to catch my breath. The Shoulder to Overheads had to be scaled to 55kg and were probably at the perfect weight; I had to really squeeze out the last rep each time. As for the Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups…..well, these are another goat and I need to work on them. I have ignored them for too long now; I think I shall add them to my warm ups.

It is Day 3 after leave now and the third day in a row of working out again. I’d forgotten this feeling and will welcome tomorrow’s rest day. Perhaps I’ll go for a jog somewhere for a bit of active recovery. I let the diet slip last night by eating half of a Milka Chocolate bar but you can’t take these things too seriously ;o) Little treats like this are welcome when I know that soon I shall be floating about on a grey hulk with no luxuries routinely.

oh, and I was right, last night’s dinner was great! A beautiful fish pie topped with sweet potato mash.


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