17 Aug 14 – Snatch gone bad

From a 70kg Snatch to a 50kg Snatch in 3 weeks. Yes, you read that right. After three weeks withut touching a barbell, my snatch has retreated to 50kg. On the face of it, it looks bad but I am not too worried at this stage. Grip, wrists, shoulder and back form all showed signs of a struggle and so for 15 mins I went right back to basics. I worked the shoulders; my left is presenting problems with internal rotation that are hard to shake off and that I think are the cause of my elbow issues further down. Lots of overhead squats with 30, 40 and 50kg got the back working better and I feel good for that. I suspect (blindly hope) that I will be back up to around 70kg before long, once the rustiness has shaken off.

After 15mins of Snatch, I thought about looking at the Clean & Jerk to see what damage had been done there. To be honest, not as much damage here, I don’t think. I only remained at 50kg but decided to give it:

5 Rounds of (for quality):

1 x Clean
5 x Front Squat
5 x Jerk

This finished off the first proper session in the garage nicely although a very long way from high intensity. Tomorrow morning at CrossFit Iron Duke will certainly be an ass-kicker and I look forward to that with relish. I’ll pop in to CrossFit Keelhaul too for some coaching and stretching. I have also signed up with CrossFit Plymouth now and while I won’t be able to go 5 days a week, I intend 2 sessions there per week once I return from a 6 week stretch onboard ship. Indeed, 6 weeks on ship will give me 2 sessions a day to get back up to par, as well as focused nutrition too.

For the garage, I need to rearrange some stuff and get an LED lantern but apart from that it was perfectly suited to my Oly Lifting needs. If I can get hold of a cheap squat rack in the future then it’ll be ideal for wet days. The space outside allows me everything else I need to do.

Oh, the new shoes, Adidas Powerlift 2, are awesome!


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