15 Aug 14 – BodeeFit and Bales of Hay

It has been a slow week this week, admittedly. Given that I worked quite hard in France, went to Iron Duke on my return and then moved house, I am not being hard on myself about it. I will be getting back in to it all properly on Monday with a return visit to Iron Duke and Keelhaul to really kick it off once more.

Today, I followed the recent bodeefit.com WOD and completed:

10-12-14 For Time:

HSPU (strict)
Plank Jumps
Jumping Lunges (per leg)

5 min 02 sec.

All HSPU were strict as I had nowhere remotely soft to land my head on kipping. The first 10 were unbroken, then second round broken in 8 and 4 while the 3rd round was broken in to 6, 4 and 4. Everything else was obviously unbroken. A good little WOD but the tempo of the HSPU reduced the intensity somewhat.

Almost straight after, I had to shift 20 x large hay bales 50m each (around gates, over obstacles and through gaps). I clearly turned this in to “as fast as possible” and enjoyed a truly functional workout.

Nutrition hasn’t exactly plummeted but it is very hard when staying with others to keep away from the food that others enjoy. To be fair, it is downright impolite and one must always make such allowances, especially when the roast potatoes taste SO good!! However, when I get aboard ship soon, I will have total control over my diet once more. I will also have time for 2 sessions a day for 6 weeks and expect to see phenomenal change in that time.


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