03 Aug 14 – Rock Squats

For Time:

50 x Rock Squats (70kg).

9:54 Rx

Wow. That sucked ass!! I had never considered the compounding effect of ‘carrying’ the weight vice racking it with a bar. The rock is sharp, awkward and bloody hard to shift around. I loved it!!

First set was a 10, then it was 5s to the end. I did try to add 5 x HSPU after each set but the gravel driveway doesnt lend itself well…..neither does the effect of having carried the rock like a baby. My arms were smoked! I managed 5 sets of 5 HSPU before just concentrating on the squats. 

Cleaning an irregular object really does force you to engage the full body, especially the hips. This is something I will be adding in to training routinely from now on.

Have been drinking a lot of alcohol and eating far too many high GI carbohydrates but it is the holidays and life is for living, not just for CrossFit. I’m pleased with the work I have put in this week and will allow myself the fun food too. Next week will involve moving house and I doubt I will get any workout in at all. However, the following week will be spent back on the farm in north Devon and I will find othr irregular, heavy objects to shift up and down hills.


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