01 Aug 14 – Rock Carry and Sprints

I’ve been thinking about this simple WOD since I saw the 70kg granite chunk of bastardness in the garden in France.

10 Rounds For Time

25m Rock Carry (70kg)
50m Sprint

7:58 RX

I love the ‘real world’ type WODs more than others. They seem more relevant,  fun and downright primal. “See that rock? Move it.” It just suits my simple military brain. Coupled with hours on the beach, swimming in the ocean, this has been a great day with the family too.

Nutrition has fallen apart this week but I am on holiday. Lots of wine, cheese, chocolate and beer. However, six weeks on board ship soon will give me a fantastic opportunity. I am considering looking at OPT instead of Outlaw…does anyone have experience there? I’ve signed up for the free 4 week programme and may well use that aboard ship. I’ve also signed up for their coaching tools. I love coaching and seeing the progression in others….I really do miss that from Keelhaul.


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