29 Jul 14 – France and the little rock

On holiday in France now.

There are no barbells, kettlebells, pull up bars or rings.

There is this rock though. Solid granite, almost a perfect cuboid, it measures 32 x 26 x 24cm and with an approximate density of 2.7 g/cubic cm works out as just over 70kg. I’ve rounded it down to 70 for the sake of recording workouts that I might do with it. I think I might spend the week with this rock. It’s quite nasty.

So today I worked a Murph type of WOD.

1 Mile Run
50 x Sumo Deadlifts with The Rock
100 x Push Ups
200 x Sit Ups
1 Mile Run

I completed it in 35:46 and felt quite disappointed. The runs were done in 6:45 and 7:30 respectively which left 21:31 (I think) to do the rest. The Sumo Deadlifts with Nasty Rock were tough. Starting with a 10, I then broke in to 5s with only a few breaths of rest. The Push ups surprised me as I tired after
30 and then had to break in to 10s for the remainder. I then intentionally staggered the Sit Ups in to a 30, 10s and a final 20.

It was bloody hard throughout but the sit ups brought my heartrate right back down and I think then intensity was lost.

So on to tomorrow…..something hard and fast with the rock…..50m carries and sprints??


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