25 Jul 14 – Simple Bodeefit

Just a quick and simple workout today. 25/20/15 of Jumping Squats, Elevated Push Ups and Weighted Sit Ups (12#). All in 5.11.
After yesterday’s horrendousness of 7 min Burpees, this was almost pleasant. I found it on the bodeefit.com site and had to modify it very slightly, subbing the knees to elbows for weighted sit ups with a medball.

Tomorrow or Sunday, I need a 20 minuter…..perhaps a Deck of Cards WOD.

“What is this!?”, I can almost hear from CrossFit purists, “you are hopping and not following programming!”. Well, to that, I answer, “correct”.

I think it is important every so often to just go for a random selection. Prove to yourself that you can do anything that comes out of that hopper. It’ll only be for a week or two while we go on holiday and then move house. After that, I’ll be back on the Outlaw wagon that appears to be delivering for me.


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