24 Jul 14 – CF Open 12.1 reshow

7mins of burpees.

Originally done just after returning from Afghanistan, I completed 82 as I shadowed the CF Open. It was done in the garden at home and I was moderately content.

I think I revisited it a year or so ago with a score of 87 but I must not have recorded it.

However, after a 4hr journey home and doing it in the lounge after minimal warm up, I smashed it up with 105. Very happy with that, especially as it is one of btwb.com’s quantified WODs. It’s a clear progression in terms of my ‘engine’ and, coupled with the Fran improvement on Monday, shows definite, measurable progress overall.

Of course, there is a long way to go but I am not stagnating.

This coming week will most likely be more rural, basic strongman training as we head to northern France for a break. Surrounded by trees, boulders and logs, I will use the irregular nature of the available resources to best effect. More to follow on that. Expect more ‘flash burpees’ from the ferry and odd locations too!


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