21 Jul 14 – Fran Day

It’s not quite my goal of sub-5 but at 5:04 RX, this is my fastest time ever in 5 recorded attempts.

As you might imagine, I am really pleased with this effort and it has buoyed me somewhat. I was alone in the gym, sore left knee and duff left elbow but strangely I knew I was going to thrash my previous time (5:4 7). I kept the rhythm of the thrusters nice and even, the first 21 going unbroken. Having worked on butterfly kips, I used these as much as I could but the rhythm went after about 15 and I resorted to 1s and 2s again. However, I wasn’t painfully out of breath as I have been in the past. For the 15s I broken the set in to a 10 and a 5 then it was back to 5s and 3s for the pull ups; far too long in between sets here. For the last 9 I just ploughed on through the thrusters with a little pause at the top on 6. The pull ups were in 3s.

I could easily have jumped under 5mins with a little prompting and would be very happy indeed but that will have to wait until another day.

The jetlag from USA resulted in just 5hrs sleep last night (contrary to my wife who is a teacher and getting around about 3-4 hrs routinely at the moment!!) but I was pumped all day knowing I was going to beat my previous time. Sub 5mins is exceptionally close now; I actually think my next jump will be a big one too and I’m looking forward to it – perhaps on board ship in Sept or perhaps during October. Either way, I want it this year.


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