12 Jul 14 – another disjointed week

So, another broken week. How I am supposed to achieve my goal (top quarter in CF Open 15), I just don’t know. Perhaps I was unrealistic in my aim. Do I really have the time or ability to commit to a programme? Given that I am training on my own, mostly at 0600, am I even working at a high enough intensity to see gains?

I cracked a few benchmark WODs last week and saw my ranking raise back up to 67th percentile again. This was moderately pleasing in itself but actually, I have been on this level for almost a year now…..no progression. A recent article at http://blog.beyondthewhiteboard.com demonstrated how long it should taken to see certain degrees of improvement in CrossFit, on average. Well, I am not seeing it at all. I am stagnating. This week, I attempted Grace for the first time in months….1 min slower than 4 months ago. OK, I have different pressures now, am training at a different time and not as part of a group anymore but a whole minute slower?? What am I doing wrong? I personally think it is the time of day and lack of other people to train with. There is no competition now. Unfortunately, circumstances mean I can no longer get to a box or compete at all. I am a competitor by nature and not so long ago was regularly playing rugby at weekends to satisfy my competition cravings. That can’t happen anymore and I had hoped CrossFit might fill that void but it has been unable to. Commitment elsewhere professionally and personally prohibit it. I am unable to prioritise CrossFit in a manner that would see the results that I had hoped to achieve.

So what?

Well, I’m off to the USA this week and hope to visit a few boxes for specific coaching. I’ve not had any coaching personally since my oly lifting trainer course last year and am in desperate need of some kind of assessment and guidance. With luck I’ll get in to Outlaw while I’m at it. On top of the coaching, I hope to pick up a little motivation on the way. At the moment it is kind of hard enough to get out of bed so early as it is. Actually performing to 100% at that time is almost impossible. Any tips there gratefully recieved. If I can pick up some good tips overseas and somehow regenerate the motivation for CrossFit that I  used to have then I’ll plough renewed. However, if not then I may have to revisit my goal and potentially scrap it all together. It might be that I give up with CrossFit as a “sport” altogether….let’s face it, I’ve not competed and have hardly made any progression that can be measured. I may have to simply stick with using CF methodologies to maintain my fitness as and when circumstances allow.

I hope this is not the case. I have put the effort in as much as I can when I’ve been able to, often when I should have been doing other things. I truly want this goal and am disheartened that I don’t have the level of control of it that I would like over it.


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