9 Jul 14 – Snatches, Thrusters, LB Swings and good language


Hard work today. Despite the best of intentions I was unable to peak in the 2RM Snatch. I had written the word “fail” next to my attempts but then I scrubbed it out. It wasn’t a fail. I threw 1 x 67.5kg over my head with good form after a late night, long morning and tried close to my hardest. It wasn’t a new best but neither did I fail. Language, internally and externally, is deeply important in life. If we tell ourselves we are failures, the head drops, our output drops and we get worse. We tell ourselves that we are winners and we walk the converse path to overall success.

The metcon was tough. Please Outlaw, please programme more thrusters. They are a psychological and physical weakness to overcome. I trust in your programming but I need a little extra.

I scaled the metcon considerably in order to achieve – 52kg Thrusters became 42.5kg and the 24kg Kettlebell became 20kg. People don’t seem to log on the Outlaw CrossFit site so I have no basis for comparison. There were too many rests, especially during the thrusters. Still, I worked my ass off and am pleased.

Oh, after logging some benchmark scores last week I am back up to 67th percentile on beyondthewhiteboard.com!


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