Defeat of Aliens Day – Alice and Death By Pull Ups

The day started quite well. Outlaw CF is on a rest day due to it being Independence Day but seeing as I never really saw the threat of those aliens anyway, I am in no way going to celebrate such a day. With that in mind, I opted for a Death By Pull Up session and then an Alice reshow.

Well, the Death By went really well. My previous best was a mediocre 14 + 6 but today I smashed that with a 15 + 8. Mostly, this was because I’ve almost cracked butterfly pull ups and so could go much faster than with regular kipping pull ups. However, that in itself is a huge leap forward and I’m pleased there.
However, the core smash that I took from that, coupled with not having fully recovered from the previous Alice attempt, meant that I still didn’t do too well. It was a modest 7:27, some way from my best. Not to be upset, I won’t worry.

Then the day started to fall apart. After having been so good with nutrition recently, today collapsed. Chocolate, massive Chinese meal and wine have all been ingested in humungous quantities. Do I care?? Not today, it’s a one off and I think I’ve earned it. It’s not as if I do this all the time.

I was planning to get to the new CrossFit Iron Duke tomorrow in Waterlooville but we have family down so I will have to postpone the visit there. Its a shame though as I really need some snatch coaching. There’s no one where I am currently who can help and I’m having to use Coach’s Eye to try and rectify my faults.

Anyway, have a good weekend, y’all. God bless those who saved us from aliens!!


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