30 Jun 14 – C&J, Running, MUs and Balls.


Second blog of today. I change my earlier one regarding beyondthewhiteboard.com too; the rankings are only based on certain (albeit ranging and diverse) WODs that they specify. It does make sense, especially for the sake of ease and impartiality. What it means is that I’m going to have to print off those WODs and work my way through them in some kind of order. This is a good thing on terms of coaching and achieving goals. I will embrace the challenge.

My elbow (left forearm or tricep the cause, perhaps) is still aching so I kept an eye on it. However, it loosened up as I went on and I achieved a new 2RM in the C&J of 85kg.

The MetCon was nasty and I had to reduce 10 MUs per round to 5. Still, it was awesome and a great run out to end the day. 14:07 was my time there. See the pic for the WOD.

I didn’t eat too cleanly over the weekend but “100%, 80% of the time” is ood enough. Sleep coming in 6-7hr chunks which isn’t bad right now. Feeling good overall.


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