30 Jun 14 – BTWB.com solved & Annie

So, beyondthewhiteboard.com doesn’t take your power output from each RX WOD and rank accordingly. Instead, it takes your average position from all WODs where others have taken part.

I was getting upset with my rankings suffering so decided to write to them. Once having it explained to me, I gave Elizabeth and Annie a going over and my rankings rose once more to 65. The point from this is that in order to be ranked properly, I need to do all Outlaw CF WODs as RX and hope others have logged too. The catchment of those doing Outlaw CF is also going to be smaller than the millions doing Mainsite WODs and my rankings will not be representative of the whole community.

To offset this, I will continue to work Outlaw CF programming but will have to sprinkle in more benchmark WODs to give a representative score.

Last week, on Friday, I returned to CF Keelhaul and completed a 3RM Front Squat with 100kg before hitting Annie in 7:37. This a full minute slower than before but I fully blame the rope…..it was my old blue handled one with bare wire and lots of canvas tape. I also kept tripping on my purple, oversized shoes. On removing shoes I was able to start going unbroken but it was too late.

Still, we have a way forward.


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