Sun 22 Jun 14 – Snatches, C&Js and a honking MetCon


I’m sure each element of today is supposed to be spaced out but there’s not enough time in my world.

The Snatch was rushed, I realised that when I hit 65 with terrible form. The warm up isn’t just to loosen up but to remind yourself of the movement patterns. I failed to do this today and possibly always do routinely. Lesson Identified. Still, I equalled my 1RM with positive form after going down the weight and then raising again.

However! With the Clean and Jerk I set a new PR of 90kg. I attempted 95kg, no joy. Same with 92.5kg. I need to figure out the best pattern of sets/reps when given “15mins to a 1RM”. Happy with any improvements though.

The Outlaw CF RX for the MetCon was 85kg Power Cleans and 6″ Deficit Handstand Push Ups. I am nowhere near the elite bracket and so scaled accordingly. 65kg and Strict HSPU worked for me and was very tough. Breaking it in to set patterns, I tried to maintain a routine of 5s, 4s and 3s but it wasn’t to be; after the snatches and C&Js I was toast.

So, despite everything, that’s 4 WODs this week. I should get at least 4 in this next week although one is a 7mile cross-country run, part of which is in a team. That will be tough to log.

Eating well and now certain international engagements are complete, the alcohol will disappear too (1 pint of Guinness last night).


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