19 Jun 15 – Snatch and Restful Cindy


As content as I am with the Hang Snatch work, the lack of sleep and lingering hangover made heavy work of Restful Cindy. If it were full Cindy then it wouldn’t have been even close to 20 rounds in the 20mins. More likely 17 or 18.

Pull Ups all unbroken.
Push Ups unbroken until round after round 6 and then I broke into 5s.
Squats messy, unbalanced, dizzy (repeat, hangover).

While I’ve been strictly eating clean, we had a formal dinner last night. 3 Gin & Tonics, 2 Large White Wines and something evil after dinner took their toll. A 23hr long day yesterday hardly helped either. Still, all excuses…I am off the pace and while I should reevaluate my goal (maybe), I should focus on my objectives more. Deep inside me, I don’t want to be the guy I was just 6yrs ago.



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