16 Jun 14 – Scores continue to fall


From being on the 67th Percentile 3 weeks ago, I am now down to the 64th. BTWB.com assesses that I am not covering enough ‘Speed’ or ‘Long’ WODs. The examples given are short sprints such as: 100m TT Run, 100m TT Row, 200m Run, 200m Row. The ‘Long’ examples are:  Murph, Barbara, Filthy Fifty and Kelly.

From my knowledge of the Outlaw CF programming, I know that there won’t be any particularly long WODs in the 20-30m range. It’s not what they programme. I suspect that I am going to have to take a hit here and allow my overall score to plummet unless I put in a few of these myself. Maybe I just have to. BTWB.com is an excellent tool and I love that it is highlighting my weaknesses but annoying that I decided on a training programme that doesn’t appear to address a key metabolic pathway. I shall seek advice on this one from those who know better.

Sorry I haven’t logged in a few days, (not that anyone reads this) but I was having an excellent Fathers’ Day weekend with the family. I did a few WODs last week that I never logged – elbow was still playing up but I managed to adjust the WODs to suit. I am pleased that it appears to be back to normal now although I don’t want to jar it or damage it again.

As of this morning I am back on the ‘no sugar’ band wagon, just eating cleanly and getting my carbs from tonnes of veggies. I am not in the physical shape that I want to be in right now and am content to admit that to myself. Therefore, especially for the next two weeks when I am able to control my nutritional intake better than at home, I am going to really cut back on the shit that I have put in to myself recently (bread, cakes, biscuits, etc).

If anyone is actually reading this, I could do with some encouragement!!



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