Wed 11 Jun 14 – Arm Rest Day / Armed Forces Throwdown

The left elbow felt useless for the remainder of yesterday so I decided to actually give it a rest today. Twice, I was tempted to head to the gym but thankfully I resisted; it really does need to rest. I’d rather get it sorted and then get back on track tomorrow (working to a new 1RM Back Squat) than keep hammering it. Hopefully, by doing squats tomorrow it should rest the elbow for another day too. I figure I can still get 4 good sessions in this week. Next week is going to be tougher with an event on here that I need to host and be in early for every day; still, there’s no excuse, if I want to succeed in this objective then I need to put the effort in.

Congratulations to my previous team mates at CrossFit Keelhaul. 2 of them plus 1 other went to the Armed Forces Throwdown today and came second as a team. For the third year in a row the Royal Marines / Royal Navy have dominated that podium despite it being an entirely Army-hosted event. Long may it continue. Well done guys, superb effort and richly deserved after a great deal of hard work.

Generally, I feel pretty good. I might have strayed a little on the diet yesterday with a random 2-finger KitKat but today was better:

Some muesli for breakfast (I am a bit bored of poached eggs and bacon),

2lts of water,

pulled pork wrap for lunch (small) with a tonne of green leaf salad

single slice of smoked salmon, followed by a small peppered mackerel for dinner.

oh, and an apple.

I may treat myself to a 50g whey protein isolate and a mug of fruit tea. Wow, I know how to treat myself!


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