Tues 10 Jun 14 – One Armed Bandit

Left elbow is still kapputt right now. This therefore prohibits all overhead work except very light mobility. How utterly frustrating. I have been enjoying the CF Outlaw programming and was excited to push for a new Snatch 1RM. However, it’s not to be and I just have to roll with it.

So what should have been 15mins to a 1RM Snatch became 10mins of overhead squats with an ash pole and then 20kg bar. This is an area that is working well at the moment. Lots of time in the evenings spent with a wooden pole and roller are paying dividends.

The MetCon was supposed to be a 15min AMRAP of HSPU, Power Cleans and Double Unders. Both the HSPU and Power Cleans were a non-starter and so I quickly threw together a 12min AMRAP of 10 x Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch (Right Arm Only), 10 x Pistols and 35 x Double Unders. Starting at the back, the double unders were far harder than I had anticipated and it’s obvious I’ve not done this for a while – I should put these in to every warm up, I think, in order to maintain the skill. The pistols were hard and are another very obvious weakness. Therefore, they too will be part of my warm ups for a while. Luckily, the 20kg Single Arm Snatches were a good workout in themselves; I forced myself unbroken through them all. I did try to go for 24kg but would have had to significantly reduce the volume. 20kg is my new ‘working weight’ for Kettlebells.

I’m feeling frustrated at the moment. Firstly, this drop to 66th Percentile but also with these little injuries. I hadn’t realised how long I’ve been having this elbow issue until I just saw a photo on the CrossFit Keelhaul page which clearly shows me with a damaged left arm. I may have to add some time in the evenings to do something about this. It would be nice to know what caused it but I have no idea – burpees didn’t help on Friday but I doubt that’s the sole cause.



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