Mon 09 Jun 14 – Minor Frustration

It was with a great deal of frustration that I found I am still on the 66th Percentile line on Beyond the Whiteboard this morning. I had hoped that by removing the erroneous 8 miler WODs then my score would go back up; apparently not. Apparently, I am getting a little worse – or am I? I can’t believe that I am getting weaker, I really can’t. I have changed programming and that might have affected it slightly, especially if I am now providing scores against movements that perhaps I had missed out on before. Who knows. I now have an extra percentile to push in order to reach my goal and although I feel like I have regressed, I know that not to be the case in my heart.

So, it was up at 0600 again and straight over to the gym…then back to the room for the iPod and then back to the gym to start the Back Squats and Front Squats. The load was slightly less on the Back Squats today and higher on the Front Squats. I am enjoying both, however, and really working on the ‘torque’ by cork-screwing the knees outwards while tensing the posterior. Both BS and FS were 4 rounds of 5, working at 60/65/70/75% of 1RM.

The MetCon consisted of 100 x KB Swings (20kg), 50 x Thrusters (42.5kg), 50 x KB Swings and 15 x Thrusters. I’ve upped the KB Swing to 20kg from 18kg; I’m trying to find all avenues to discover where I have slipped and this might be one of them. For the sake of 2kg, I don’t see any loss in speed and therefore an increase in power output. The Thrusters were a bitch as they always are – I think I need to start cracking some EMOM Thrusters. I broke them up too much although never less than 5. Total time was 12:17.

After a weekend of relatively clean eating and lots of fresh air, I am feeling pretty good. The left elbow is still playing up but was ok once warmed and loosened in the gym; I shall see how that progresses and may have to change WODs to suit just one arm for a week or so.


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