05 Jun 14 – Listen to your body

Sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

I got in to the gym in the normal fashion, felt ok during the warm up and was hoping to equal or better my 2RM Snatch of 62.5kg. However, on picking up the bar with just 50kg I felt completely drained; there was just nothing in the tank at all. Even at that weight, it was all I could do to maintain some kind of form. I shifted it up to 55kg to see see if perhaps I was just being a bit of a little girl but apparently not. I could only throw up 1 at 55kg. With that, I put the video camera on to try and work out if it was structural. While I wasn’t getting to full depth, the bar path was good (at a lower weight) and the chain of events all correct. Sure, I still have to work on upper back and shoulder mobility but that’s a longer term issue.

Apparently, I just have completely no energy in the legs and hips today; with that in mind, I dropped weights to 42.5kg and was going to do the MetCon of running/MUs (dips and pullups)/power snatches. Well, even multiple attempts of 42.5kg was draining. Without wanting to say, “I just gave up”, I then packed up and came back. Sometimes you have to take those cues and pay attention. I am quite clearly fatigued and there’s no point trying to ‘fight through’ it to the point of bad form and dangerous practice.

This week has seen a lot of driving and not the best amount of sleep (entirely my fault). I have been working on mobility in the evenings, using a wooden rod in my room, and hope that pays off soon. I won’t get downhearted by it this morning, I have another chance to attempt this tonight and will give it a go then, more to follow.


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