04 Jun 14 – Squats and Handstand Walking

Up at 0600 again today, crawled out of bed and over to the gym. Luckily, I had everything prepared last night in order to try and speed things up in the mornings.

Following Outlaw CF programming from 2 days ago, it was a round of Back Squats (5 x 65/70/75/80% 1RM) and Front Squats (5 x 65/70/70/70% 1RM) to start. I am already seeing the improvements here and look forward to restesting for a 1RM. I’m working off of a 135kg 1RM which seems suitable. This was last tested about 6 months ago on a “CrossFit Total” but I think I should be above the 140kg line now, we shall see. I used a weight belt for the first time in a while and noticed the difference. I don’t tend to use aids as I don’t want to come to rely on them but they are not to be ignored completely. I didn’t use it for the Front Squats but feel far more comfortable in my positioning and form in the Front Squat than I do for Back Squat anyway; please comment on this if anyone is actually reading it.

The WOD was a 3RFT of:

5 x Hang Cleans (65kg – scaled from 85kg)

25’ Handstand Walk

15 x Burpees

2 min Rest

Round 1 – 1:37. All unbroken although burpees suck whenever.

Round 2 – 1:47. All unbroken although burpees slowed down.

Round 3 – 1:57. Handstand walk broke down twice although everything else unbroken. Burpees slow.

Apart from the sore throat I am generally ok. I had a dehydration headache by the end of the WOD despite drinking a lot of fluids yesterday and before the WOD. I shall monitor this accordingly. Sleep was restful but for about 6.5hrs; I need to be getting to bed earlier and stop watching AMC’s The Walking Dead ™. Yeah, I had a Guinness last night but apart from that it was my regular handful of mixed nuts before the WOD (50g of Protein after), 2 x poached eggs and bacon for breakfast. I’ll have an omelette with salad for lunch, 25g of protein and then will have a protein rich, reduced sugary carb dinner.


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