03 Jun 14 – Elbows and their effect on Cleans

So here’s a pretty strange one for you……

I have a bit of stiff and sore left elbow. It’s entirely muscular and feels like a hyper-extension issue. It has resulted in me not being able to rack the bar with my elbows high and back tight. I therefore end up in a low-rack position, similar to that of a thruster.

Oddly, when it came to doing Cleans this morning, I couldn’t get under the bar quick enough due to the elbow and therefore couldn’t get low. All my Cleans resulted in Power Cleans instead, far from ideal. However, it was a one off and meant I was doing repetitive 77.5kg Power Cleans which is no bad thing in itself.

I’m feeling pretty ropey at the moment with a throat infection and general tiredness. Yes, I know I should reduce training but if I do that every time I feel a little run down then I’ll never train. It’s all about listening to your body and I do that, genuinely. Right now, I know I can train and will continue to do so. Besides, I usually get 2-3 days off over a weekend to recover.

The strength part of today came from the Outlaw CF WOD of 02 Jun. I’ve been looking forward to this one as I do with all overhead work.

10mins to a 2RM Split Jerk, followed by 1 x 2 @ 95% and 1 x 2 @ 90%. This manifested in a 2RM of 87.5kg (hampered by the left elbow) and subsequent rounds of 82.5kg and 77.5kg. Speed under the bar tended to be better on the second rep of the pair each time and the left elbow was notably slower than the right. However, this was an easier set of rounds than 2 weeks ago, probably because I’m getting more time on the bar with this programme than previously.

Following the Split Jerks it was a 5min EMOM of 2 Cleans (which became Power Cleans as mentioned above) with 77.5kg. All performed pretty well although I failed to video it and must make more use of that.

I then deviated from the Outlaw programming to add a 10min EMOM of 15 x Wall Balls (9kg). Although is ‘only’ resulted in a Karen time of 9:31 (against my PR of 7:30), it allowed me to maintain rhythm, control breathing and work on that engine. Besides, my elbow couldn’t take the pull ups and toes-to-bar required in the Outlaw CD WOD.

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good and enjoying the work. I looked in to why my score had come down on Beyondthewhiteboard.com and I think it is to do with 2 x Weighted Runs that I put in recently. These 8 Miles Combat fitness tests are done with 55lb and supposed to be completed in under 2hrs. I managed them in 1:41 and 1:55 respectively (one on my own and the second with others). BTWB.com didn’t compute it and gave me a power output of 0 ft/lbs; I’ve now deleted them. With luck, I’ll be back to 67 in a few weeks when this has been rectified.


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