Mon 02 Jun 14 – Really Don’t Feel Well and a drop in the rankings.

I had to take yesterday off due to other commitments, as is sometimes the case with all of us. I’d also awoken with a bit of stiffness/soreness in my left elbow (no idea where is has come from) that made it impossible to rack a bar without pain. I had a sore throat and felt a little dizzy. Luckily, I only had a 4 hr drive back to Plymouth! ;o)

Waking this morning, I am dizzy, have a sore throat, headache and my elbow is still bad. I think today is going to be another day out of the gym and I’m a little upset about it as I’m beginning to feel excited about this programme. I find myself wanting to get up and get it done to see if there are going to be any gains.

Sometimes the numbers hate you too; perhaps I should just get back in bed, pull the covers over my head and tell the world to f**k off. I’ve logged in to to find I’ve slipped a place in the overall rankings!! I’m now 66 instead of the 67 that I’ve been sat at for months. WTF?!? This is not good news and when I get time tonight I am going to have to delve in to the numbers and find out where I have slipped.

Still, it’s another day off when I really didn’t want there to be one but I have no choice.


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