02 Jun 14 – What does 75 Percentile look like?

In order to achieve my aim of reaching the 75th percentile in the CF Open 15, I am using BeyondTheWhiteboard.com to gauge my performance by utilising their ranking system. I currently sit at the 66th (down from 67 last week but I think I know why) which is where I ended the CF Open 14.

So what does the 75th look like in terms of some well-known benchmark scores?

Well, here are the scores with my PR in brackets – please note that some of these were done a long time ago:

Fran: 4:24 (5:41)

Grace: 2:56 (4:44)

Helen: 10:53 (9:19)

Row 2km TT: 7:18 (7:23)

CrossFit Total: 402kg (412.5kg)

Back Squat: 156kg (135kg)

Deadlift: 193kg (200kg)

Of course, I could have picked a range of other WODs but I can see straight away areas that require work. The sprints really do need to hammered while the strength aspects are already broadly on target. I’m not far away on the 2km Row and should achieve that through natural progression although I shouldn’t take that for granted.

My ‘engine’ has always been the weak point and I burn out very quickly on the speed WODs, such as Fran and Grace. I’ve only ever done Helen on rings and with a very steep first 200m of the 400m run; it’s therefore not truly indicative but it is still a score.

I aim to attack and build my engine through productive use of EMOMs; I find these to be a good way to workout, giving me almost a new challenge every minute that I have to overcome. This suits my mindset.


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