Hang Snatches and KB Swings

A chance to retry last week’s Hang Snatch 2RM today (Wed 27 May). Last week I stuttered to a 57.5kg after crappy sleep and no breakfast. When I saw this come back up on crawling out of bed, I was excited. I knew I could smash that crap from last week and sure enough, I added 5kg and performed a 2RM Hang Snatch (just above the knee) with 62.5kg. I gave 65kg an attempt but failed….confidence under the bar. The strength is there – it is times like this that I need a coach to be there and get me over the line.

The MetCon was 4 rounds of 3mins to complete 50 x KB Swings and as many Muscle Ups as possible. In the absence of rings or bars for MUs, I changed this and removed the MUs. Using 18kg, this was a great little engine builder. Unbroken on the first round, 1 break in the second and 2 each for the final 2. I was toast by the end. 18kg was right though, I wouldn’t have been able to maintain the momentum with 24kg so the scale was correct.

I know training this early isn’t optimal, especially without much food or drink, but its what I’ve got and I only hope I start seeing progression regardless.

A good day for nutrition otherwise though. Handful of nuts before the WOD, 50g Protein after. 2 bacon and 2 poached eggs for breakfast. Omelette (no cheese) with salad for lunch and 25kg Protein. Another handful of mixed nuts in the after before Curried chicken with no rice but piles of green veg for dinner and yes, a beer after.

Feeling pretty good at the moment, I’m enjoying the programming although not the lack of people to train with nor a coach.


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