Garden WODs at the weekend

I took Friday off after Thursday’s CFT and spent today mowing the lawn….it is a big lawn and is approx 2.5km of walking according to my Garmin. Yes, I actually measured it!! However, it was always just so I could get a WOD in.

Outlaw CF gave us the pleasure of more back squats and front squats today. This is a part of the programming I specifically like; I’m able to fit the entire thing in to an hour….just, and that makes it perfect for me and my needs. I’m feeling so much more confident in the squats too now. Video evidence supports this confidence, especially the front squat. I’m actually looking forward to testing for 1RM to see the improvements.

The MetCon was up my alley today. 3 RFT of 12 x Handstand Push Ups (strict), 12 x Power Clean and 24 x Split Jumps. My new found self-honesty meant that I knew I had to scale from the 80kg RX down to 50kg in order to hit the continuity and speed. The HSPU and Power Cleans were unbroken in the first round, only broken once in the second and twice in the third (once for for power cleans). The jumps were unbroken always. 6 min 24 secs was the final score.

Lack of sleep is a pest at the moment. The twins are not sleeping well, rising at 0130 to scream the house down. However, after 2 years of it I think we’ve kind of become used to such a lack of sleep….it would be amazing to see what I could achieve with a decent regular amount of sleep!!

2 poached eggs for breakfast plus 25g protein. Salad, some cheese and ham for lunch, 50g protein after the WOD and beef fajitas for dinner….followed by a small piece of chocolate cake and a beer.


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