Back in to the Routine

Bank Holiday Monday (yesterday) saw me at Britannia CrossFit in Farlington, Portsmouth. They’re a good bunch who’ve been established for quite a while. A very good friend of mine recently joined there so I followed her down for a Bank Holiday session; 5 WODs in 2.5hrs. Starting with an 8min AMRAP of Burpees and Tuck Jumps, there were others that included hundreds of Toes To Bar, Planks, Wall Walks, variations on Cindy and ‘equipment carries’ over a mile. It was a great experience and motivating to be around other people in a competitive environment again; I need that!

After a 4 hours drive back to Plymouth late last night, I was expecting to wake up this morning, hit the alarm clock and go back to sleep. Not so; I was up at 0600 and heading to the gym for some Outlaw CF programming. After breaking the 3.5mm audio jack inside my iPod Nano Gen 5, I was left in silence to complete 4 rounds of 5 Back Squats (variable percentages of 1RM) and then 4 rounds of 5 Front Squats (again, variations of 1RM). I’m really getting in to this squat programme now and hope to see real gains in this area.

Following the lifting was a MetCon that I had to change slightly. It was a 15min AMRAP but instead of :

200m Overhead Plate Carry (20kg)

10 x Pull Ups

5 x Wall Walks

10 x Lateral Plate Jumps (20kg plate)

I subbed the 200m OH Plate Carry for 10m Handstand Walking as I don’t yet have a 200m route mapped out. Still, I achieved 4 complete rounds and made it to a single Wall Walk. The Handstand Walking slowed me right down in rounds 3 and 4, as you might expect after Wall Walks and Pull Ups. I felt good though, controlling breathing throughout and trying to get my heartrate right down at every opportunity.

Diet today wasn’t too bad:

Handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit before WOD

50g Protein after WOD

Missed Breakfast!!!!

2 Egg Omelette with salad for Lunch

50g Protein after Lunch

Cajun Chicken Breast, single potato, mashed carrots (when I get down to dinner).

Throughout the day I’ve had 2 mugs of coffee and a lot of water. I am feeling tired right now but I think this might actually be because I’ve been working all day and not from the WODs.

I have tomorrow morning to look forward to but will not be working out on Thursday as I have another 8mile Combat Fitness Test to look forward to with the Squadron.


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