Raining hard outside

Luckily, the Outlaw CF WOD for today was an indoor metcon. The thought of going outside to workout in the pissing rain was filling me with dread. CF Warmup indoors, then the following……

10 RFT

10 x Slapping Push Ups
10 x Jumping Squats

10:08 RX

The first 4 or 5 rounds were ok and then my arms just hit a wall and it was in 2s from then on. I looked up positive I had finished to see only 9 rounds completed….GUTTED! I was smashed by then end. This is exactly the kind of thing I need to be doing to get my scores up. I want to see my percentile creep up by a score or two to 68/69 within the next month, once I’m settled back in to a routine.

Food today was:

2 egg scrambled eggs,
25g Protein Shake,
2.1g EPA/DHA,
Cheese and meats for lunch,
lots of bolognese for dinner (with spaghetti),
25g protein after the WOD.

I need more protein and can affect that. Sleep is ….. Ok at the moment with an average of 7hrs.

I hope for some dry sun tomorrow so I can get out and lift something. Monday will be at Britannia CrossFit for a Team WOD.


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