Indoors, the Engine and Doritos. EMOM Burpees.

So, starting from the back end of the day, I am sat here eating Lime Doritos. It’s the first time I’ve had them in MONTHS and they taste goooooooooooooood.

It was pissing down with rain today and I was confined to the house in order to take care of the twins. With that in mind, I was unable to crack today’s Outlaw CF WOD and so decided to go back to basic with a simple EMOM in order to work on my engine. Body of a Ford Focus, engine of a Fiat Panda, that’s me. That is to say that the body isn’t much to look at anyway but coupled with such a shocking engine I am not exactly a regionals athlete.  If anyone wants to help me out with building this engine (I’m pretty bloody strong but repetition falls apart) then give me a shout!

10min EMOM, 12 x Burpees.

By the 8th minute I was starting to really hate it but knew I’d get through it, as I did. In fact, I should probably have continued until failure but I was on the verge of being sick anyway and the carpet doesn’t belong to us, it’s the MOD’s.

With luck the weather will turn tomorrow and I’ll be able to get back outside. Failing that, I’ll head to a local box.

Aside from the Doritos, I had a bowl of oats and dried fruit for breakfast, a 12oz Rump Steak for lunch with salad and then some cheese and crackers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I KNOW! Get off my case! I also had a slice of hazlenut birthday cake (gluten free).


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