Rest Day……that just happens to be my birthday!

No work today on the CrossFit front. That’s a pretty bloody great thing too and I’ve enjoyed the rest. Lost of work on but great to get up, open a few birthday presents and let the body recover. To be fair, the kids are more than enough on a rest day to be counted as ‘active recovery’.

Food today hasn’t been great; it started off well with 2 boiled eggs and some juice. By lunchtime I was pretty hank-marvin and caved in to a big plate of thai red curry, some samosas and onion bhajis; not exactly clean eating but acceptable. It all descended in to chocolate badness on return home though with Giant Yorkie Buttons, birthday cake and soon to be a monstrously awesome platter of fajitas. Still, it’s my birthday and I don’t do this often (binge, that is…obviously my birthday isn’t an ‘often’ occurrence!).

Tomorrow I might head down to a local box, Britannia CrossFit for an open session in order to crack whatever goodness Rudy Nielson has cooked up. If not, it’ll be done in the garden on the home set up.




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