2 pints of 1664

2 pints of 1664 had a huge effect on my performance this morning. Well, so did only 5.5 hrs of sleep after watching Eastenders on my tablet! So, not a great start to the blog but this is the purpose of these scrawls, to hold me to account in my training.

Outlaw CrossFit 210514 today (http://outlawcrossfit.com/2014/05/20/140521/).

Up at 0600, with a handful of mixed nuts (plus water and caffeine), I struggled through the 2RM Hang Snatch with a 57.5kg final 2RM. Halfway through I achieved a 60kg but only for 1 when I have completed them for 2 in the past.

The MetCon saw me well off the pace with the HSPU; I always complete them strict and perhaps should learn to kip these. However, the 30 in the first set blew me out so I had to scale the second set (15) for the first time ever. In good news, the toes to bar (30 and then 15) went ‘average’ and the Double Unders were all unbroken (2 x 50).

Rising at 0600 and trying to put these WODs in is tough but it’s the only guaranteed time in the day for now so is non-negotiable. Better sleep and nutrition the night before is definitely negotiable; I’m not much of a drinker though and it was nice to sit with a buddy and shoot the breeze after a long day.

WOD logged on Beyond The Whiteboard; I shall be using this to measure my improvements this year. I currently sit on the 67th percentile (which is where I finished CF Open 14 so is a good measure) and want to start seeing that number creep up.


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