Another CrossFit Journey

Yes, here lies the blog of another CrossFit journeyist. Sorry.

This is entirely for my own ends. I am now a lone CrossFitter without Box and seek the support of the wider community to ensure I achieve my goals.

So what are my goals and why?


I began CF in late 2011 when I was serving in Afghanistan. CrossFit Leatherneck took me under their wing and I was sold from the outset. Incredible people, superb coaches and the best introduction I could have had to this community.

I came back from Afghanistan and trained alone for a while, suffering in the process. So I completed a Level 1 and set up CrossFit Keelhaul in Portsmouth, UK. It is a military affiliate; I wanted to train with like-minded people but wanted to stop the crap I was seeing in the gym there with ‘CrossFitters’ demonstrating the absolute worst practice and form (to be fair, I was as bad before I headed to CF Leatherneck). i further completed the CF Olympic Lifting Trainer course under the expert tutelage of Coach Mike Burgener. In setting up CF Keelhaul, I coached military and civilians alike to achieve some fantastic goals. Of course, this meant not focusing on my own goals although I did manage to achieve my initial aim: I scraped in to the top 50% of CF Open 13 and set an immediate aim to dive in to the top 33% of CF Open 14, which I achieved.

So here I am again, training alone after being drafted from Portsmouth to Plymouth, UK. My goal is to break in to the top 25% of CF Open 2015 and I need the wider world to help me. In setting goals, running a blog is one of the best ways to support its achievement; I intend to log quite a bit of detail as I push through this aim. Please forgive me if it is boring but I am entirely self-serving in this venture. I want to complete my goal.

To climb up this ladder, I shall mostly be using the Outlaw CrossFit programming although I intend visiting boxes worldwide to learn from some of the very best coaches in the community.

So here we go. Welcome to my diary. Please do contribute as I go on. Here comes CF Open 2015!


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